POCT tests

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InnovaStar® is a compact POCT analyser for daily use. Results are comparable to central laboratory analysis. Easy to use.

Assay menu:

  • HbA1c IS,
  • CRP IS, 
  • Glucose, 
  • Hemoglobin



SensoStar GL30 touch and SensoStar GLHsix

The SensoStar analyzers measure glucose (hematocrit corrected) and lactate with maintenance free biosensors from hemolyzed blood samples.
SensoStar GLHsix measures in addition hemoglobin photometrically.

Assay menu:

  • Glucose,
  • Lactate



Cardiac markers:

Roche Cobas h232

Rapid and easy determination of cardiac biomarkers. Test results obtained in 8 - 12 minutes.
Supports on-the-spot decisions in cardiovascular diagnosis and treatment. Ideal where space is limited – for example at the bedside, in triage bays or designated lab areas.

Assay menu:

  • Troponin T, 
  • NT-proBNP, 
  • D-dimer, 
  • CK-MB, 
  • Myoglobin




Roche Diagnostics

Roche korporacijos diagnostikos padalinys yra in vitro diagnostikos srities lyderis pasaulyje. Roche diagnostinės priemonės ir reagentai padeda gydytojams nustatyti ligą, parinkti tinkamą gydymą ir stebėti gydymo efektyvumą.


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