We supply laboratory solutions for more than two decades

Our providers offers offers a range of high-quality products optimized for sensitive applications in gas chromatography, such as pesticide residue testing and trace analysis. Our portfolio includes high-purity solvents and derivatization reagents for gas chromatography, as well as inert sorbents for gas-solid chromatography.

Innovative solutions for:

  • Analytical HPLC - ensure absolute accuracy in your analysis with high-quality HPLC columns ant tools
  • Gas Chromatography - solvents, derivatization reagents, reference substances and sorbents for GC packed columns
  • Ion Chromotography - standard solutions (Nitrogen and phosphorus solutions)
  • Mobile Phases - solvents for liquid chromatography, hypergrade solvents for LC-MS, solvents for preprative chromatography, reagents for Ion-pair chromatography 
  • Thin-layer chromatography (TLC) -  plates for TLC, HPTLC, for mass spectrometry, manual use, high performance chomatography, special use, sorbents for the preparation of TLC plates, and a complete range of TLC accessories, such as spray solutions and UV lamps
  • Sample Preparation - sorbents, ion exchangers, syrenge filters and etc.

We can offer everything for chromatography:

  • The various sorbents, solutions, indicator, sample fluids (silica gel, organic sorbents), chemical reagents for ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, gel filtration, etc.
  • Columns (capillary, gas, extraction, HPLC, etc.).
  • Plates, tubes, columns heaters, syringes, etc.
  • Bottles and caps (screw, crown, etc.).
  • Filter paper, filter syringes and filter cartridges
  • Chromatographic connecting parts, connectors, gaskets,  accessories and etc.

Macherey - Nagel

Since 1911 MACHEREY-NAGEL represents high quality, innovation, and reliability in biomolecular and chemical analysis. Our comprehensive portfolio includes products for Filtration, Rapid Tests, Water Analysis, Chromatography, and Bioanalysis. We are proud to carry more than 20,000 products designed and manufactured to fit your individual needs.

Hichrom Limited

Hichrom is an expanding company, working at the cutting edge of separation science. One of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of ultra high performance and high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC & HPLC) columns and accessories. Hichrom’s products are used at the frontiers of science, medicine and forensics – for example, to analyse the content of new drugs, to batch test pharmaceuticals, and to identify any contaminants in substances including blood, urine and water.

Merck KGaA

With a catalog of more than 300,000 products, Merck delivers many of the most highly-respected brands in the industry. Products are used in research and analytical laboratories, scientific institutes, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, and in the production of chemical and biotechnological drugs. From a single scientist at a bench to a large-scale production facility.

Advanced Chromatography Technologies Ltd.

Based in the UK, we are chromatographers dedicated to developing solutions that meet the demands of our fellow-chromatographers working in pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies, universities, hospitals, research institutions, government agencies and the environmental & process control industries. We have gained an unrivalled reputation for excellent quality and competitively priced products - backed up by expert technical support and after-sales service.
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