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Roche Reflotron

Immediate and reliable test results ensure a quick performance and verification of diagnosis without delay.
Suitable for primary care settings, as a back-up system in hospitals and private labs, at screening sites and for health check-ups - See more at: 


DiaSys Respons®910

respons®910 is a compact and fully-automated bench top analyzer for maximum efficiency.
During its development, special attention was paid to easy handling and optimized work flow thus leading to the ideal clinical chemistry system for many laboratories.




DiaSys Respons®920

The respons®920 is a random access bench top analyzer with a true throughput of 200 tests/hour (360 tests/hour with ISE)
irrespective of whether mono- or 2-component tests are performed.




Analyticon Biolyzer® 300

Space-efficient fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer with throughput of 270 tests/hour.

Optional ISE unit available, increases throughput to 450 tests/hour. Clot detection.
Highly reliable and efficient


Analyticon Biolyzer® 600

The Biolyzer® 600 extends the Analyticon line of clinicalchemistry analyzers. With a throughput of up to 400 tests per hour (up to 560 tests per hour with ISE) the system is the ideal solution covering the demands of the medium sized laboratories or even the large laboratory as a specialized chemistry system and as a backup solution. A broad panel of clinical-chemistry parameters is available as well as an optional direct ISE-unit for measuring electrolytes. The intuitive user-software and the general easy operating of the instrument enable a maximum of efficiency.


Beckman Coulter AU480

With a throughput of 400 photometric tests per hour (up to 800 with electrolytes) and an on board capacity of 63 different analytes the AU480 Chemistry System is the ideal main analyzer for small to medium sized laboratories. The AU480 Chemistry System can also fit as a special chemistry or STAT analyzer in large laboratories as well.




Beckman Coulter AU680

The newest member of the high-performance Beckman Coulter laboratory analyzer series is the AU680 Chemistry System. Based on in-depth customer consultation, the AU680 Chemistry System is intended to help medium to high throughput laboratories meet ever increasing pressures on time and productivity.



Beckman Coulter AU5800

The AU5800 series is the newest addition to Beckman Coulter’s AU chemistry portfolio, representing the highest throughput and fastest chemistry analyzers in the AU family.
With true random access capabilities and a throughput ranging from approximately 2,000 tests up to an impressive 9,800 tests per hour,
the AU5800 is available in four different scalable models, positioned for the high-volume core hospital laboratory to the ultra-high-test volume commercial laboratory market segments.

Roche Diagnostics

Roche korporacijos diagnostikos padalinys yra in vitro diagnostikos srities lyderis pasaulyje. Roche diagnostinės priemonės ir reagentai padeda gydytojams nustatyti ligą, parinkti tinkamą gydymą ir stebėti gydymo efektyvumą.


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